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Fado Irish Pubs are a great place to experience a true Irish pub atmosphere! Every night they are doing something fun for the patrons and the guys at Fado were ready to upgrade the sound in their downtown Chicago location to enhance the entertainment.

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While there are plenty of contractors in Chicago there were none more trusted than Commercial Audio Systems in Atlanta who has been taking care of Fado for some time now. Cole called on me to take a team to Chicago to get the job done with no loose ends. I engaged Tom at ATG to meet me on-site to work nights and get this pub hoppin.


We used a combination of JBL Control 30’s, 28’s and JBL powered Subs. The sound system provided well over 100dB +- 3dB at every chair.

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Every morning at 1:30AM we would arrive and leave by 10AM. Every night we progressed pulling wire and preparing zones to receive the speakers the next morning. The upstairs was put into service first and really put energy into the pub especially near the stage where the control 30 added punch to the stage. The next day the downstairs main pub floor was put into service and the managers just couldn’t stop smiling. An additional request was to reactivate the old ceiling speakers for fill and we were able to do that and keep them an an acceptable low level without straining their capability.

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When you go to Chicago this is a must see location, right around the corner from the Rainforest Cafe and the Hard Rock Cafe. Thanks to James, Kieran, Tom, Mickey, Steve, Mallory for being great customers!